Members of the TAO Energy srl company.


TAO Energy Srl has been established specifically for the marketization of TAO, building on pre-existing relationships among the members that were involved in the studies and development of TAO prototype.

In March 2018 the company called “TAO Energy srl” was established with the following members:

IMG-20180409-WA0004 Ubaldo Bernardi

Ordinary member and TAO patent holder .

Is a elementary school teacher and master electrician .

He worked for many years as a master electrotechnician working both in Italy and Saudi Arabia. Ha has always been passionate about mechanics and energy.  He is the owner of the patent and the scientific advisor for all the activities connected to the structural design and testing of TAO.

Luigi Piro

Luigi Piro

Ordinary member.

he has a degree in architecture at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. After his graduation he started his own company, the Piro Impianti zootecnici Srl, which deals with the production of tools and zootechnical installations and will be involved in the actual production of the turbine. Currently he is Councilor for urban planning at the municipality of Roccabernarda.





Maria Brittelli

ordinary member 



IMG-20180409-WA0002  Antonio Piro

ordinary member 

He has a degree in law from the University of Calabria. After his graduation he worked as real estate agent in his own agency (Pila Immobliare Srl). Currently he works as public officer at the municipality of Roccabernarda.



FotoMassimo Massimo Bernardi

Ordinary member and administrator of the company.

he has a degree in informatics. He worked in several companies as IT specialist and web developer. Since 2007 he works as IT consultant in Italian company that deals with the design and development of innovative software technologies and the provision of IT services for the industrial sector. His competences cover several technologies, operative systems (Windows and Linux), languages (PHP, ASP, .NET, Javascript,html5, Angular2)  and DBMS (MySQL, Sql, mongoDb).



Fabio Bernardi ( ordinary member )

is a philosofy professor.